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Our Angelic Illuminating Sparkling Aura Spray will take you to the fluffy clouds of the angelic realm with pure sparkly love! Our aura spray is infused with organic essential oils & hydrosols, blessed with reiki & rocky mountain moon-charged crystals. Take yourself beyond the ordinary & enjoy the LOVE with your angels!

* KEY BENEFITS: Angelic, Energizing, Sparkly, Refreshing, Anti-aging, Protective.

* BLESSED & REIKI INFUSED CRYSTALS: Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, & natural pearl-infused shimmering mica.

* PURITY: 100% pure organic essential oils & hydrosols; including rose oil, “The Queen Flower”.

* SIZE/BOTTLE: 120 ML/4 OZ. glass fine mist bottle.

* ALL NATURAL: Zero chemicals, toxic preservatives, hormone disruptors, harmful toxins, added fragrance, colors, or anything not high vibe!

* MADE IN THE USA: Magically designed in Colorado by The Women’s Wellness Medium.

* ENERGY: Blessed with sound healing, crystals, moon energy, & supercharged healing energies.

* OUR PROMISE: Ethically sourced products & high quality clean ingredients – ALWAYS … we are all about your wellness & MAGIC!

* KINDNESS APPROVED: Vegan & cruelty free.


Made with pure all-natural essential oil hydrosols & ethically sourced ingredients. Jasmine Hydrosol: uplifting – feel the love from the angelic realm. Rose Hydrosol: opens your heart chakra to infinite love, & is anti-aging, rejuvenating, & “The Queen Flower” to connect with your goddess high vibes! Lavender Hydrosol: good relaxation vibes & open your third eye to intuitive communication & healing light. Rocky Mountain Moon-Infused Crystals: charged by the moon to center your magnetic goddess energy & manifest with your infinite power.

FRAGRANT NOTESFloral, Aromatic, Sweet. 

CRYSTAL & MOON ENERGY INFUSEDRose Quartz (the infinite love stone, centers & opens your heart chakra to unconditional love), Moonstone (angelic, intuitive wisdom, & incredibly beautiful just like you!).


Mist, our Angelic Illuminating Sparkling Aura Spray, to raise your angelic vibes, smell lovely, rejuvenate, & as a refreshing shimmer facial tonic for anti-aging (avoid getting into the eyes). Use it as a mist to connect with your angels, raise your vibration, wrap your energy in golden angelic light, & give yourself a shimmering glow. Use liberally as a facial & body mist to cleanse, protect, restore, & immerse yourself in magic! SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE TO MIX UP YOUR MAGICAL SPRAY. NOT FOR INGESTING.


PURE AND SUSTAINABLE INGREDIENTS (WE LOVE MOTHER GAIA) – Made with pure organic hydrosol oils Jasmine (uplifting – feel the love!), Rose (high vibration & opens your heart chakra to the infinite love from your angels), & Lavender (good vibes of relaxation & opens your third eye to the intuitive communication from the angelic realm), Rocky Mountain moon infused & blessed healing crystals, an all natural plant-derived preservative to preserve the magic, aloe vera gel, & all natural shimmering pearl-infused mica. We use absolutely ZERO synthetic perfumes, toxins, or chemicals of any kind.

Extra magical surprises are so much fun! All our aura sprays & essential oil blends come with an instruction card & bonus intuitive wisdom info & a moon-charged selenite stick to cleanse your healing crystals … + a MAGICAL MYSTERY gift just for you because we LOVE YOU! 


120 ML/4 OZ. glass fine mist spray bottle.

HANDMADE & BLESSED WITH SOUND HEALING, REIKI, & ROCKY MOUNTAIN MOON ENERGY – Magically designed in Colorado by Lindsay Goodwin, Psychic Medium, Spirit Baby Channel, Fertility & Women’s Wellness Specialist known as The Women’s Wellness Medium, Licensed & Board-Certified Acupuncturist & Herbalist. Each product is created with love, blessings, & light. We use absolutely zero chemicals, GMOs, parabens, or anything not high vibeWe love you & we KNOW you deserve only the best!

SKIN TYPES & IRRITATION: Our Angelic Illumination sparkly aura spray is safe for most skin types. We formulated our blend with unrefined oils & hydrosols that will not irritate & clog pores for even the most sensitive skin types. In rare cases, skin irritation may still occur; if so, please discontinue use.

**Our products are not evaluated by the FDA & not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease. All information listed is for educational purposes & is not medical advice. When using our products, you assume all risks in usage.

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